Privileged Identity Management

We offer privileged identity management solution and its implementation service

Privileged Identity Management

We offer privileged identity management solution and its implementation service

Privileged, administrative or excessively empowered accounts within an organization remain one of the primary targets of attackers and are often responsible for significant breaches. Now most of the compliance like PCI DSS requires the use of privileged identity management solution to avoid the use of generic accounts like "administrator" or "root" to establish the responsibility among its users. We offer privileged identity management solution and its implementation service.

Privileged Identity Management FAQs

How PIV will impact user's experience?

We provide immediate and trouble free solution to your account security. The process is flawlessly implemented so that the user can use the account 24/7 to perform different activities. We provide self-service option so that you have not to call help desk may times which increases the productivity.

Will your service be scalable to our future needs?

In the dynamic environment no one can accurately forecast a business effectively; never-the-less our dedicated team puts effort in quantitative and qualitative surveys tokeeps in touch with new cyber threats and emerging technologies. We provide patches, updates and new releases to make your system secure all the time.

What kind of accounts do you manage and monitor?

There are different types of account in an organization and their needs and access privileges are not similar. For example an employee and a customer have different account privileges. We manage and monitor different accounts according to their privileges. An account with more privileges like DBA’s account is provided closer security.

Are your employees trained in Privileged Identity Management best practices?

Our team of experts have leading industry recognized security certifications i.e. CISSP, CISM, CCNA, CEH, ACSA, Prince2, HP ATP ArcSight Security V1 etc. This ensures that an attacker has no opportunity to misuse powers of accounts to damage or steal sensitive information of your system. This also guarantees to the observance to the best practices of security industry standards.

Privileged Identity Management

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Team of experts having leading industry recognized security certifications coupled with vast experience to find and exploit vulnerabilities. SECURiMENT is a registered company under Dutch chamber of commerce with KVK number 58810811 and tax number NL853192522B01

Privileged Identity Management

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Armed with SECURIMENT you may choose amongst any of our flexible security solutions to protect your system and avail 24/7 support services because your IT dependent business requires unceasing solid support. We are always available for the protection of your data.

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