Penetration Testing

Securiment offers security penetration services to proactively discover weak links in your organization

Offensive Security / Penetration Testing Services

Securiment offers security penetration services to proactively discover weak links in your organization

The number and scale of cyber-attacks is rising rapidly which has led to requirement of regular penetration testing of organizations? infrastructure mandatory. Our pentesting service helps timely simulate all of the attack paths that a real adversary would follow to cause financial or reputational damage to business. Securiment team of experienced cyber security experts is well versed with the approaches that attackers take to demonstrate the security weaknesses in your infrastructure along with leading you to fix all of the identified vulnerabilities to prevent actual cyber-attacks. Along with ensuring proactive discovery of vulnerabilities, pentesting also helps ensure compliance to the global standards and certifications like PCI-DSS and ISO-21434 for exponential growth of your business.

Our penetration testing service follows best industry standard approach which covers the phases similar to the following illustration:

Cyber Security Penetration Testing Phases

For a detailed description of each of these phases, please refer to the FAQ on this link.

Services Overview

Cyber Security Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing
  1. Precise Vulnerability Detection: Our Pentesting identifies vulnerabilities comprehensively.
  2. Realistic Threat Simulations: Experience authentic attack scenarios for fortified defense.
Cyber Security Penetration Testing Red Team Exercises
Red Team Exercises
  1. Targeted Red Teaming: Securiment conducts focused red team exercises, pinpointing weak points with precision.
  2. Live Threat Replication: Our red team emulates real cyber threats, gauging your readiness and bolstering your defenses effectively.
Cyber Security Penetration Testing Threat Modeling
Threat Modeling
  1. Thread Modeling Framework: Mitigate threats via frameworks like Microsoft STRIDE model for robust defense.
  2. TARA Mastery: Expert implementation of Threat Assessment and Remediation Analysis (TARA) for proactive risk mitigation.

Penetration Testing FAQs

What Certifications does your team member hold?

Our team of experts have leading industry recognized security certifications including the OSCP, CISSP, CISM, CCNA, CEH, ACSA, Prince2 and HP ATP ArcSight Security V1. This ensures that your system’s pen testing will follow the rigorous methodologies and up to the minute techniques. This also guarantees our compliance to the best practices of cyber security industry standards.

Which Pen testing methodology is used by SECURIMENT?

There are a number of pen testing methodologies, but the implementation varies from business to business for which our team of experts customizes the approach in coordination with you. In general, our pentesting services has the following phases:

  1. Planning and Scoping: This is an initial discussion involving detailed description of the target environment(s) and goals of the pentest to ensure a focused and result-oriented assessment right from the 1st day when we hold a kick-off meeting with you.
  2. Enumeration of Services: In this phase, our experts discover all of the services (or entry points) to your infrastructure that an adversary can take.
  3. Vulnerability Assessment: In this phase, each of the identified services in the previous stage is thoroughly mapped against latest security vulnerabilities to find potential weaknesses.
  4. Exploitation of Weak Links: After discovery of vulnerabilities, our experts coordinate with you to attempt exploitation in a scheduled and agreed timeslot to demonstrate the impact that an adversary can cause if a real attack happens.
  5. Comprehensive Reporting: This phase is our final result before our regular cycle continues to continuously discover and remediate vulnerabilities. Our reporting covers both technical and business-related impacts along with step-by-step guides to timely resolve the vulnerabilities.

Do you provide a complete report of System's PenTesting?

SECURIMENT provides a comprehensive pen testing report to the customer to review the testing. The easy-to-understand report includes summary, testing steps, and recommended actions. We include the prioritization guidelines as well to help you fix the most alarming vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Does SECURIMENT present remediation?

We, at SECURIMENT not only provide a complete advice on which areas of the system must be made secure, but our experts also offer corrective actions required to make your system vigorous. This will not only put the continuation of our trusted relationship but we also look forward to provide our customer a complete and all-inclusive service. In this regard, our remediation guidelines include granular details about remediating the identified vulnerabilities as well.

Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing

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