Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and Cyber SWAT teams that know how to best handle cyber incidents


Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and Cyber SWAT teams that know how to best handle cyber incidents

When flood hits the dam gates or life threatening virus outbreaks an immediate and effective incident response is must to minimize the damage. Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and Cyber SWAT teams know how to best handle the cyber incidents. If you do not have such team or if your team needs extra hand at the critical time we act as trusted partner. Our service has following two flavors

  • Reactive CSIRT
  • Proactive CSIRT

We follow NIST standards



What Certifications does your team member hold?

Our team of experts have leading industry recognized security certifications i.e. CISSP, CISM, CCNA, CEH, ACSA, Prince2, HP ATP ArcSight Security V1 etc. This ensures that your system’s pen testing will followthe rigorous methodologies, uptotheminute techniques. This also guarantees to the observance to the best practice of security industry standards.

Which Pen testing methodology is used by SECURIMENT?

There are number of pen testing methodologies but the implementation varies from business to business. Each business has different challenges, infrastructure and aims. However our competent testers can guide you for different type of pen testing techniques so that you may decide according to your general requirements.

Do you provide a complete report of System's PenTesting?

SECURIMENT provides a comprehensive pen testing report to the customer to review the testing. The easy to understand report includes summary, testing steps, and recommended actions. After having this report, you can priorities your responses to the threats.

Does SECURIMENT present remediation?

We at SECURIMENT not only provide a complete advice on which areas of the system must be made secure but our expert also offer corrective actions required to make your system vigorous. This will not only put the continuation of our trusted relationship but we also look forward to provide our customer a complete service.


Trusted Security Solutions

Team of experts having leading industry recognized security certifications coupled with vast experience to find and exploit vulnerabilities. SECURiMENT is a registered company under Dutch chamber of commerce with KVK number 58810811 and tax number NL853192522B01


How We Secure Your Data

Armed with SECURIMENT you may choose amongst any of our flexible security solutions to protect your system and avail 24/7 support services because your IT dependent business requires unceasing solid support. We are always available for the protection of your data.

We Provide Cyber Security Solutions That Match Your Needs & Budget!

Our team of experts will protect your system with their vast experience, making sure your business runs without interruptions.

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