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How to Integrate SAP with Microsoft Sentinel

Critical business data is usually stored in business applications. IT infrastructure facilitates business and business applications. Many vendors offer solutions to protect endpoints, identities, and infrastructure like OSs, Databases, etc., but very few address the challenge of business application security. Business application security monitoring is one of the mature organizations' most significant pain points. ERP solutions like SAP serve as the backbone of big enterprises with business modules like finance, procurement, warehouse management, HR, Project Management, etc. The average criticality rating of most of these modules is high confidentiality and integrity. This not only requires secure implementation but also continuous monitoring of risks. Enterprises that run systems like SAP usually have multiple vendors for business needs, and they also have security monitoring solutions for infrastructure monitoring. Centralized security monitoring will be ideal for monitoring infrastructure like FW, routers, switches, OS, and applications like SAP within one system so you can correlate lateral movement from infra to applications. In this article, we will explain the monitoring of SAP using Azure-based cloud-native SIEM Microsoft Sentinel. This can serve as a governance solution for SAP, just like IAG or GRC.The Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP applications is a Microsoft Sentinel solution that you can use to monitor your SAP systems. Use the solution to detect sophisticated threats throughout the business logic and application layers of your SAP applications. The solution includes the following components: